Answers to Common Questions by Home Sellers

This page is meant to give home sellers quick answers to commonly asked questions about my real estate selling practice in northern New Jersey.  I hope that this will be informative for anyone interested in the home selling process and how I can help you find the ideal homebuyer for your home.  My team and I will be revising this page from time to time as the seller-side of the marketplace evolves so please check back occasionally for updated answers to your questions!

Note:  We also have a separate FAQ page for home buyers in case your questions are more relevant to that side of a real estate transaction.

Question:  How much experience do you have with selling homes?

Answer:  I have been helping people sell their homes for more than 20 years. I first represented sellers who were selling their high-end homes within very competitive luxury home market conditions. This gave me valuable skills as an advocate for homeowners looking to get the best deal possible for their investment.

Question:  Can you help first-time homesellers sell their home?

Answer:  I would love to help a first time home seller as my two decades of experience selling homes can be truly valuable in getting you the best offer from a well-qualified buyer.

Question:  Do you limit your real estate selling to just luxury homes?

Answer:  No, because the real estate marketplace is still growing and there are many opportunities across the board so it would not make sense for me to limit myself to just selling homes within the luxury market.

Question:  Do you assist home sellers through the entire transaction?

Answer:  I certainly am able and very willing to help a homeseller get through all of the necessary steps involved in the home selling process. You can find more in-depth information about selling homes with my help on this page.

Question:  Do you offer legal assistance to home sellers?

Answer:  As a real estate agent without a background in the legal profession, I cannot not personally handle law-related matters, but I can refer you to a qualified lawyer to assist you with selling your home upon request.

Still have a question and need an answer?

We will be adding more answers here as we continue to compile the most frequently received questions, as we are aware that posting them here will save you time. It also helps me save time as well, and allows me to focus on giving the best possible service to homesellers and others possibly considering selling their home in the near future.

Nonetheless, if you are really in need of a clear answer to an important question that my website is missing an answer for, then by all means please email me a question whenever you wish!